Brand identity

Tagline & Elevator Pitch

Your tagline and elevator pitch is one of the most important branding element of your business. It’s the first message your ideal customers hear or see. Through a number of strategic discovery exercises, we help clients share their voice by creating a superb tagline. With the Summary Content process, you will walk away with:

  • Brand story workshop

  • Core messaging roadmap

  • Tagline discovery

  • Elevator pitch and mission statements

  • Brand guidelines

Buyer Personas

A brand does not know its customer inside and out until buyer personas are created and implemented. Until then, it’s just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping it sticks. We execute persona development for clients so that their voice, tone and overall brand personality is congruent and strong across all communication channels.

Deliverables include:

  • Customer demographic analysis

  • Placemat for each buyer, which includes:

    • Personality traits and personal details

    • Desires

    • Needs

    • Fears and concerns

    • Interests

    • Problems solved by your product or service

    • Possible roadblocks along the buying journey

Blog Strategy

A website without an active blog is like a store with merchandise that never changes. A blog without ongoing, frequent and optimized content is like wearing the same outfit every day and hoping no one will notice. Get it together. Get blogging. If you not for you, at least do it for your customers!

Blog Strategy

  • Keyword research and recommendations

  • Blog story development (themes, topics, product connections)

  • Persona incorporation

  • Title development and calendar planning

  • Frequency recommendations

Blog Roadmap

  • Titles for all blog posts (up to 12 months) based on the themes and frequency established in the strategy

  • recommendations for monthly content development tasks and due dates to keep production on track

  • SEO keyword recommendations and meta descriptions for all blog posts