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Entreprenista Mama | A blog for working women.

Werking life like a boss means taking your career, your growth, your family and yourself seriously. Being a woman in today's world is fun, opportunistic, messy, complicated, scary and when approached with courage and support--well, wonderful.

Entreprenista Mama is a fun and witty blog written by me (a working mom) for women in the workforce. Creating content for women fresh in their career, starting a family while working, navigating change in the workplace and launching a business.

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Whether you're scrambling to get back to work after having a baby, starting your career after college, thinking about launching a business, or navigating a sticky situation at work, Entreprenista Mama will help you 'werk' your life like the boss lady you are!

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Who is EM?

Entreprenista Mama began as a way for author, biz owner and mama, Elisabeth(Lis) Thomas to write for fun after a hard day at work (or home), for women who might be dealing with some of the same daily challenges in work, life and parenthood. 

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"The best protection any woman can have is courage."

β€”  Elizabeth Cady Stanton