My 6 Favorite Blogs For Women Right Now!

Dear, Entreprenistas. Being a woman of sound mind and body--at least that’s the way I like to think of myself a few hours a day--I find that my frame of mind is more sound when I take the time to read a blog post (or five) from my favorite writers each weekday morning. In truth, I usually end up skimming a lot of these pieces, and only digging-in and reading a few throughout the week. But even so, I find this practice to be cathartic and inspiring for me.

So in honor of the great women entrepreneurs and writers shaking things up out there right now, here’s a rundown of my 6 favorite blogs for women in 2018.

Top blogs for your everyday life. 

Top blogs for your everyday life. 

Girl Boss

The Girl Boss mission is to “redefine success for millennial women by providing the tools and connections they need to own their futures.” I think the GB website is a fantastic resource and tool for all women. Focused on money, wellness, beauty, identity, and life, Girl Boss gives us a diverse, quirky and modern look at the lifestyles of women today.

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The Everygirl

Offering a more ‘girly’ feel to the everyday lifestyle content for women, The Everygirl is a website hosting blogs and other content for women related to career and finance, fashion and beauty, living, wellness, and travel. I especially love the travel section on the site, as well as the career and finance section.  

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A Cup Of Joe

Fun, quirky, focused on lifestyle, travel, food, and fashion, A Cup Of Joe was launched in 2007 by Joanna Goddard, former editor-and-chief of Bene. She comes from a background in fashion editorial and is a dedicated wife and mother. Her blog has received awards from publications such as Forbes, J.Crew, Lyon, and Refinery29. She’s a kickass Entreprenista with a kickass blog--to say the least! 👏

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Marie Forleo

A self-proclaimed writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and unshakable optimist, Marie has dedicated her website and career to helping women become the people they most want to be! With blogs, webinars, ebooks and more dedicated to the concept of ‘learning how to get what you want,’ this blog is the perfect mashup of inspirational personal life and career advice content. And we could all use a little bit more of that! 🙋

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Founded by two entrepreneurial-spirited ladies, theSkimm is focused on bringing millennial women a daily news recap they want and need each morning in a fun, witty and smart format. A membership company, theSkimm offers a morning newsletter with the top news headlines, an app where news, podcasts and more can be accessed, a unique blog, and a community of like-minded women!

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HIVE: By Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has stepped up their publishing game in the last few years with niche blogs and sections on their website for modern women readers. One of my favorites is their news section, the HIVE. Offering a daily email subscription, and a meaty hub with the top news in politics, entertainment and lifestyle topics, the HIVE is designed to give women well-written, well-researched articles and posts of the stuff they want to know.  

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Indeed there are many other beautiful blogs and websites out there for women, not covered here. These are the ones I am following now, but I’d love to hear about your favorites! Let me know what you 'can’t get through your day without reading' in the comments!


EM 💜

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