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There’s No Magic Pill for Transforming Your Life

If you want it to work you have to work it. That’s the mission statement I live my life by, and when it comes to transforming your life for the better, this is the best formula to follow. Find out how to approach making changes in your personal life that will positively transform your future!

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Dear Women, Is Staying Silent Hurting Our Capacity For Change?

Do you feel like the current political state of our country is so negative and partisan that it’s almost revolting? Do you look at your social media feed and feel worse? Do you feel at a loss as to what to do? Let’s have a real conversation about how our silence is hurting our country.

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You Can Have It All, Just Maybe Not All At Once

What if someone said you could have all the things you’ve ever wanted—all at once. Would that actually be a good thing? I’ve been working on a theory that consists of this: You can have all the things you want, just maybe not all at once. Read more, and tell me what you think!

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