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Elisabeth (Lis) Thomas, EM Boss Lady

Lis(LIH-z) Thomas is a total nerd when it comes to content strategy. A marketer for 10+ years, Lis has a natural affinity for all things quirky about brands and their marketing. She's worked in corporations, small companies, and as the owner of a marketing boutique. Lis works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, to help them to increase online brand awareness, create digital marketing strategies, and build lasting relationships with target audience groups online.

Lis is also a doting mom of two amazing kiddos, a loving wife, and an avid outdoor enthusiast.

PS her weakness is an americano from Backporch Coffee in Bend--in case you’re wondering.

After years of writing for brands, in 2016 Lis started dabbling in writing as an author with a small book titled 'Social Media Strategy For Business.' Her book is available for purchase on Lis's business website, Becoming an author got Lis thinking about how else she could serve entrepreneurs, business owners, and specifically WORKING WOMEN! And that's how the idea of Entreprenista Mama was born. Of course, like many good ideas, it then took her three years to launch EM--but it was well worth the wait.

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Meet, Lis! Head Boss Lady of EM.